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We provide
Cumming, Alpharetta and North Atlanta drivers with a FULL range of auto repair, including Diagnostics, Brake Service, Brake Repair, Tune-Ups, 30K, 60K, 90K Maintenance and Transmission Services. We even provide major repairs like valve jobs, Engine Replacement and Transmission Replacement.

Diagnostics Check
To maintain and service today's modern high tech cars, you must have the very best in high tech equipment and information systems and the quality personnel to use it.

Check Engine Light (Service Engine Soon )

Our most common request for diagnostic testing is due to the "Check Engine" Light coming on. Our technicians are trained to use the current diagnostic equipment to properly troubleshoot today's modern computer system.

Brake Service
ABS System

If your ABS Light comes on, you need brake service. We can provide the necessary diagnostic testing to find the problem.


Every brake service should start with an inspection. Resurface of the brake rotors or drums is always included in our brake service. If this resurfacing were not included it would almost certainly guarantee the rotors would become warped before the next set of pads are worn out. If a new brake rotor or drum is required to be replaced, your can rest assured that the rotor or drum chosen is first-rate quality. (Brake Inspection - Remove and reinstall four wheels and rear brake drums to inspect brake condition. Inspect entire system for leaks.)

  • Diagnosis

  • Pad and Shoe Replacement

  • Hose Replacement

  • Line Replacement

  • Wheel Cylinders

  • Master Cylinders

  • Emergency Brakes

  • Brake Drums

  • Brake Rotors

  • Machining Drums

  • Machining Rotors

  • Power Boosters

Scheduled Maintenance (Minor/Major Tune-up, 30K-60K-90K Service, Fuel Injection, Belts)

Regular Scheduled Services (30K - 60K - 90K Services)

Regular maintenance not only is essential to keeping your vehicle running at its highest level of performance, safety and reliability - it can also enhance your vehicle's resale value. Besides making sure your vehicle drives smoothly for years to come, following scheduled service recommendations will also keep your warranty in full coverage.

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A/C ServiceWomick Automotive will perform a professional inspection of the system, providing you with a complete analysis of the current conditions and the estimated repair cost. Whether your vehicle needs a simple recharge, or a new compressor, we have the expertise to diagnose and perform any A/C service. Our standard A/C Performance Check service includes the following:

  • Visually inspect A/C components
  • Run performance test including
  • System state of charge test
  • System control test
  • Perform leak test using approved electronic leak detector

Engine (Head, Head Gasket, Gaskets Seals, Oil Pump, Timing Belt, Timing Chain, Rebuild & Used )

General Service

As a full service repair facility we offer engine service such as: tune-ups, timing belts, intake manifold gaskets and much more.

Major Engine Repair

We can take care of your engine repair needs whether it has blown a head gasket, needs a valve job, or needs its engine rebuilt.

Engine Replacement

We offer factory remanufactured engines. ↑ back to top

Transmission (Clutch, Slave Cylinder, We Rebuild Transmissions)

Womick Automotive  recommends replacing the fluid and filter in your automatic transmission per manufacturer's recommendation.

Heat is the number one cause of failures in transmissions. The transmission oil is critical for lubricating the transmission and reducing friction. When the fluid breaks down and loses its viscosity, it no longer effectively lubricates the transmission. This causes premature and excessive wear and results in transmission failure.

Transmission Service

Womick Automotive offers a Transmission Service which includes removal of pan, replacement of filter and screen, inspection for leaks and contaminants, and changing fluid.

Each transmission problem is unique and has to be addressed on an individual basis. With that in mind, we need to have the vehicle at our facility to properly evaluate any transmission concern.

When you experience transmission problems don't wait until the problem gets bad. Have it checked immediately. A lot of transmission problems start out to be a minor repair. When you wait the more you are at risk, for a major repair and a major bill.

Transmission Symptoms

These are just a few problems that may arise when you are having problems with your transmission:

  • Leaking-there will be red fluid on the ground.
  • A roaring or grinding noise
  • Erratic shifts Jerking or vibration
  • Check engine light on
  • Car cuts off when coming to a stop.

Suspension & Steering (Shocks, Struts, Strut Mount, Lower Arm Control)

Your vehicle should have a well maintained steering and suspension system. The reason to have it properly maintained is not just to have a comfortable ride. It is needed to keep your vehicle safe at all times.

Shocks & Struts

Shocks and Struts provide more than just a smooth ride. They support and protect the rest of the steering and suspension components. We sell only top quality shocks and struts. Does the quality really matter? Yes.

Power Steering

If your power steering system needs repairs we can replace the power steering pump, rack and pinion, and hoses. However, we recommend avoiding power steering repairs by cleaning and flushing the lubrication fluid every 30,000 miles. Old fluid does not lubricate the system like it requires which leads to unnecessary repairs. ↑ back to top

  • Diagnosis
  • Drivability
  • Major Tune-Ups
  • Alternators
  • Starters
  • Lights
  • Power Accessories
  • Heater Controls
  • A / C Controls
  • Climate Controls
  • Instruments / Gauges
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Sensors
  • Actuators

The single most important piece of maintenance you can perform on your vehicle is to change its oil every 3,000 miles (5000 kilometers), or as recommended by the manufacturer, based on your driving conditions. With each oil change, the oil filter should also be replaced.

With each oil change, your trained technician will also perform an inspection of your car's Air Filter. Womick Automotive will lubricate and check chassis. Change oil and oil filter. Check air filter and breather filter. Check all fluid levels such as battery, water, automatic transmission fluid, coolant/antifreeze, brake fluid, and others. Check tire pressures. Perform basic safety inspection. Road test vehicle.

Cooling & Heating (Radiator, Radiator cap, Radiator hoses, Radiator fan/fan clutch, Anti-freeze, Water pump, Thermostat, Fan belts, Serpentine belt, Cooling sensor, Heater core, Heater hoses)

  • Diagnosis
  • Radiators
  • Hoses
  • Belts
  • Heater Cores
  • Thermostats
  • Head Gaskets
  • Fan Clutches
  • Electric Fans
  • Water Pumps
  • Antifreeze/Coolant Replacement

Womick Automotive  and Repair will perform a professional inspection of the system, providing you with a complete analysis of the current conditions and the estimated cost of repair.

Womick Automotive and Repair provides a complete radiator flushing service that includes the following:

  • Inspect system and pressure test for leaks
  • Add flush chemicals to the radiator
  • Power flush system through flush machine
  • Refill system with proper amount of recycled anti-freeze
  • Add sealant/lubricant to the system
  • Check hoses
  • 1 year / 12,000 mile warranty

Pre-Buyer's Inspection Service includes:
  • Test Drive (clutch, transmission, brakes, steering, suspension, noises)
  • Check all fluids (level, condition)
  • Check for leakage (oil, transmission, differential)
  • Check battery voltage and alternator output
  • Inspect cooling system and hose condition
  • Inspect drive belts
  • Inspect fuel system (filters, lines, etc.)
  • Inspect ignition system (each spark plug, wires, cap, rotor)
  • Compression check each cylinder
  • Inspect brake wear
  • Inspect tire wear
  • Inspect shocks or struts
  • Inspect steering assembly and power steering unit
  • Check clutch adjustment
  • Inspect door and window operation
  • Visually inspect wiring harness
  • Test electrical (fuses, horn, wipers, and washers, radio, heater-A/C, etc.)
  • Check head lights, turn signals, brake lights, etc.
  • Check for jack, spare tire, etc.
  • and more

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Our customers tell us they love having us keep track of their maintenance for them. Our computer records are very accessible. We perform a scan of records whenever a vehicle is in for service. This helps keep your vehicle well maintained and worry free.

Computerized Records

Record keeping is very important. It's easy to remember when it's time for an oil change, but when was the last time your fuel filter was replaced? Our computerized records will make sure that importance services are not missed.

Service Reminders

Our computerized records allow us to contact you when it's time for service. This can be done by mail, email or a friendly phone call.

Avoid Guessing

Not having records can leave you guessing. Some services are needed every 30,000 miles. Some are every year or every two years. It can be difficult to identify whether or not an item looks like it's due to be replaced or serviced. Having records will prevent performing these services too soon or too late.


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